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What is Masturbation?

When an orgasm is produced by manual stimulation of the genitals it is called masturbation. Masturbation is one of the first primal forms of sexual behaviour usually Masturbation was considered a sin in the late 1800's and the early part of the last century. Before the 1960s, excessive masturbation was considered a mental condition, fixating on immature or undesirable behaviour, leading to lack of adult responses.

In today's current sexual climate, where people are discovering themselves as well as each other masturbation can be an important and pleasurable activity for people, no matter whether you are in a short or long term sexual relationship. Often it can add more happiness and sensuality to your whole sexual dimension.

In this time of sexual disease people who are single continue to have normal sex drives. The safest, easiest sexual relief and pleasurable satisfaction available to us can be masturbation. In fact, masturbation is the safest form of sex there is.

Warning: It is not safe to experiment by masturbating with a vacuum cleaner. This is extremely dangerous and not to be recommended.

Do all Men Masturbate?

Masturbation is a natural part of life to most men. Nearly all males masturbate though some more frequently than others. The vast majority of men have masturbated since a young age. A male child discovers that his penis feels good as a relatively young baby. By the age of 14 most boys discover that masturbation leads to orgasm and ejaculation.

In certain religions men, mostly from eastern cultures, try to avoid masturbating, believing it depletes their energy. Some men may not want to do it because they are hung up on the whole sexual condition, or if they have a low libido.

How do Men Masturbate?

There are lots of methods for masturbation. It is a personal thing to find what suits you best and is most effective.

  • The simplest technique is to begin by simply squeezing the penis, until the penis becomes semi-erect and then stroking from the tip to the base of the penis.
  • Another common method is to begin by slowly rubbing the penis building up to a more vigorous movement. You may like to grasp the shaft of your penis wrapping your whole hand round it.
  • Others may want to hold or grasp their penis between their thumb and first or middle finger. If you are uncircumcised, you can draw the foreskin over the head of the penis and then pull it back down the shaft to get an erection.
  • If you are circumcised, repeated squeezing round the shaft and letting go is usually effective. Try holding off ejaculation by varying the stroke when you become too excited, before finally letting go in orgasm

Some men like additional stimulation:

  • All the genital area, groin, penis, scrotum gradually becomes more sensitive to the touch.
  • Many men enjoy gently pressing on and massaging the scrotum.
  • The male nipples are very sensitive to stimulation.
  • Some men enjoy fondling their testicles.
  • Some enjoy penetrating the anus with a finger.

What to Do?

  • Some men prefer to lie down on a bed to masturbate
  • If the underside of the penis rubs against the bed you may be more stimulated
  • Most men prefer to masturbate using a lubricant as they find it more pleasurable. KY gel, a clear, water based gel, is suitable as it does not contain oils which destroy condoms.

There are many different strokes you can use on the penis. Sexual devices, such as vibrators, a shower tub jet may be employed during masturbation if desired. A tub jet stimulates the penis much like having a giant vacuum cleaner sucking the semen out of the body. Some men have sexual fetishes, such as using articles of clothing or dressing up in women's clothing, pornography, internet etc., while masturbating.

Some men may still like to masturbate even when they are involved with a partner and have a satisfying relationship. This can become a problem that is difficult to face as it is often hard to talk about with a partner. Sometimes the partner might misinterpret the masturbation as a form of rejection. However, if the problem can be resolved, often mutual masturbation can become a part of normal sexual practice. Masturbating in front of the woman he loves, can be thought of as an expression of love, not rejection, and can be a highly erotic and loving activity for both partners.

Can you do it too much?

It is almost impossible to do this even though some young boys worry that they masturbate too much. When a teenager first discovers sex it seems wonderful to masturbate several times a day over a period of time. Other boys masturbate less, but that is normal for them. Everyone is different. If it became totally excessive 24 hours of the day there may be reason for concern. It is still possible to masturbate several times a week for some men in their 70s and 80s. Generally, however, men masturbate more in their teens, gradually lessening with age.

Unattached single men, and gay men, of course, tend to masturbate more frequently than married men. For gay men in a relationship, mutual masturbation is often a primary sexual outlet.

What about Masturbation and Pornography?

Almost all men will have at some point in their lives masturbated while looking at X-rated magazines or sexy videos. This would be considered quite a normal activity for a single guy.

Masturbation using pornography is an issue to be worked out between each other if you and your partner are in a committed relationship. Some female partners often find it hard to accept this sort of activity and may feel rejected and threatened by it.

The relationship is usually in some trouble and ceases to be normal when a man prefers this kind of sexual indulgence to having sex with his partner. These types of men may use pornography more and more for relief rather than face up to the problems in their sexual relationship. Help and counselling is advised if the man wants to save his relationship but is dependent on pornography for sexual satisfaction.

Can Male Masturbation be Useful in helping with Sex Problems?

One of the commonest sex problems men experience is premature ejaculation (PE), which is where the man ejaculates too quickly when he has sex with a partner. Premature ejaculation can be helped to some extent by masturbating. Although PE usually requires specialist help some men are able to help themselves by gaining more control over their climaxes while masturbating.

The man has to practice beginning to masturbate and allowing himself to get almost to the point of ejaculation, then stopping and calming down before carrying on. Do this several times before giving in and having an orgasm and it may help develop the necessary control needed to delay his orgasm during intercourse. This stop-start technique should be practiced on a regular basis.

Ejaculatory incompetence (retarded ejaculation) is the other common male sex problem that can be sometimes helped by masturbating. With this condition a man can maintain an erection for a long time during sex, but cannot relax enough to let go and climax inside his partner. As many men with this condition are quite uptight about sex, they need to learn to masturbate with their partner as this can help them immensely. If a man has difficulty doing this he can start by masturbating in the next room to his partner. After a week or so try to do it in the same room. Eventually he should be able to masturbate right beside her, so close to her that he can place his penis into her vagina.

Men who can masturbate for 15-20 minutes without ejaculating are less likely to suffer from problems of premature ejaculation during intercourse.

Do Women Masturbate?

Masturbation is a natural and healthy method of sexual release engaged in by most people of both sexes. At an early age many girls discover pleasant feelings from stimulating their genitals and discover how to masturbate to orgasm in their mid to late teens or even earlier. Girls do not necessarily have the same feelings as young boys who find masturbation a more natural thing. Many girls and young women do not feel strong sexual urges. Sometimes it may take the girl many years before she reaches an orgasm (19-20). Some females may not reach one for years after that or not at all, with or without masturbating. Some women find sexual liberation in their 40's.

Masturbation can be a wonderful way to educate oneself about the body and sexual responses. If women can reach orgasm by masturbating they are more likely to have orgasms with their partners.

Some women's nipples get hard when excited or having an orgasm

  • Some might flush red or begin to tremble
  • Tension in the vaginal area and a build-up of warmth can also preclude orgasm

Caution: Using fruit/vegetables (especially unwashed) or other foreign items may introduce infection into the vagina. Never use anything breakable like glass or sharp objects for obvious reasons. An electric toothbrush in the vagina causes damage to delicate tissues of the vagina and should be avoided.

Where do I go for help if I need it?

If you have deeper more specific sexual problems, including how to deal emotionally with sexual issues, you may need professional help. Your health professional may be able to put you in contact with a psychologist

(Psycho Counselling and Psychotherapy )dealing with such issues and there are many groups and activities available.

If you have problems with addiction to sex, including pornography, find the closest branch of Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Problems facing after masturbation

*general weakness

*mental worries

*pain in limbs

*relaxed penis

*lack of erection for several days (somebody wants to do frequent masturbation for several times per day)

*pain in penis

*head ache



*problem to facing girls and friends

*lack of sexual desire with partner

If you have any one of these problem after masturbation, you may need sex counselling and rejuvenating therapy

For sex counselling and rejuvenating therapy

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